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Why Choose Me As Your Freelance SEO Consultant?

I am an SEO consultant providing bespoke search engine optimisation campaigns designed to drive tangible organic search rankings and ROI results.

  • I am genuinely passionate about assisting businesses across Leicestershire to improve their search rankings on Google to gain more sales and leads in order to be successful.
  • My freelance SEO consultancy services are all designed and implemented with the intent of maximum growth and value for all businesses.
  • In my six-year journey as an SEO consultant, I have worked with multiple local businesses and small to medium national companies with varying SEO services and budgets and achieved results!
  • My SEO prices are substantially lower than the agencies you may have spoken to because I have fewer overheads, enabling me to pass the savings on to my clients.
  • Don’t think of me as a marketing agency; I believe people always buy people; I am always available for a chat and dedicated to your project getting results!
Showcasing my SEO results for a client in e-Commerce. 2.5 times revenue and transactions more than doubling

All my SEO services drive tangible results for your business.

My SEO Consultancy Approach

My Core SEO Services Include


This is where it begins. A summary of your website’s current SEO performance and how to improve it. I conduct a deep dive into what is working and what isn’t.


Keywords are fundamental to people finding your website. Knowing the correct keywords to target allows your web pages to rank as highly as possible, thus attracting potential customers.


Are you trying to attract new customers within your local area? Local SEO allows your website to rank in the search engines such as Google for customers searching for your services or products within a certain area.


Are you looking to attract new customers from all over the UK? National SEO creates visibility for your keywords in nationwide searches. As you’d expect, this creates a larger audience which in turn means a more highly competitive space.


This relates to the analysis of landing pages within the search engine rankings. For example; creating pages to attract local leads within local SEO and national/international leads pages for an e-commerce store.


I will help you to publish content that people and potential customers genuinely want to read, share and download.


Has your website been adversely affected by a new Google algorithm update? Often these changes affect how the search engine index’s, rank’s and de-rank’s webpages.


The better optimised the technical aspects of your website are, the better it ranks. This is inclusive but not limited to site load speeds, image optimisation, hosting, 301 redirects, mobile SEO and responsive design. Without all these things and more being optimised, you risk your website not ranking to its full potential.


Nowadays, Link building and Outreach are fundamental parts of any SEO campaign. Links to your website are very important as they pass on a “vote of confidence” from the linking website. This increases your overall expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness in the eyes of the search engines thus boosting your rankings.

Not too sure on what you SEO services you require? Don’t worry.

If you’re new to SEO and are un sure on where to start, look no further because I can help. My role is to create successful SEO strategies and implement them so you don’t have to.

Leicester Based SEO Services

Contact me for a free consultation, either over the phone, via video call or in person. I’m happy to discuss your SEO Project.

I Work With Businesses all over the UK, but cover these areas locally:

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